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    Ariel_Rivera Application [ACCEPTED]


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    Ariel_Rivera Application [ACCEPTED] Empty Ariel_Rivera Application [ACCEPTED]

    Post  ariel_rivera on Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:19 pm

    Current character name:
    Previous character names and accounts:
    Previous factions or civ gangs:
    Casa Rossa
    Post a screenshot of your stats:
    Age(IRL and IC):
    14 in rl 22 in ic
    What level are you in game:
    How often do you play in the server:
    Every day
    Do you know how to install mods for san andreas? If so, you must have the gang skin pack. yes

    Time playing in PR:RP (in days, weeks, or months): like 6 months

    country: Los santos

    Characters street name:El Charpio

    Which San Andreas neighbourhood is your character from?: Las colinas

    Where was your character born?:I was born all saint hospital

    What living parents does your character have, and where were they born? (City and country): my dad is from mexico and my mom from el salvador
    What surenos are for you?: family homies life

    Character story: (Think abit, You can tell me it IC'ly, and ill consider if you must or not to write it in here.)
    I was born in 1986 in All saint Hospital my mom and my dad move to Los santos becase there were problems in Mexico about mafias and they decided to move to Los santos and me and my mom and dad when i was 10 years old my mom and dad and me were in the living and there was a gun fight on the street there were blood vs crips and my dad did it know what was goin on and he decided to go outside and he got a bullet right on his head and my mom try to Help him get inside and a man wearing red shoot her and both of my parents die and because my parents die i got alone in this cruel world and i decided to move to another house and i found a gang call "Surenos" they are like a family and i decided the i wanna join them they give me all there friendship and all but what i want is to real join them and now i am rolling with them and now Ariel is waying if surenos accept him us a homie and us a menber of the family...
    Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz

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    Ariel_Rivera Application [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: Ariel_Rivera Application [ACCEPTED]

    Post  Juan Ruiz on Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:23 pm

    Application Accepted, You can RP your way in.
    Make sure to read all the Do's and Dont's

    Ariel_Rivera Application [ACCEPTED] Z36819212
    Name: Juan Ruiz
    Rank: Mano Derecha(5)
    Vehicles: Blade / BMX

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