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    Application [DENIED] Empty Application [DENIED]

    Post  ariel_rivera on Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:44 pm

    Surside Surenos Application Form

    Current character name:ariel_rivera

    Previous character names and accounts:cristian_arevalo

    Previous factions or civ gangs:shottas

    Post a screenshot of your stats:

    Time playing in PR:RP (in days, weeks, or months):weeks

    Country:los santos

    Age(IRL and IC):14 (IRL) 13(IC)

    What level are you in game: 7

    How often do you play in the server: everyday

    Do you agree to be PK'ed if you leave the gang? according to the rules: yes

    Do you know how to install mods for san andreas? If so, you must have the gang skin pack. yes

    Characters street name: ariel

    Which neighbourhood is your character from (World-Wide) ?: los santos

    Where was your character born?: All Saints Hospital.(Los Santos)

    What parents does your character have, and where were they born? (City and country): my mom was from el salvador and my dad from mexico.....

    What surenos are for you?:ese'

    Character story: ( Must be atleast 2 paragraph, and 200 words)©️

    ariel was born in el salvador and his mom got very sick for havving him the months pass and his mom keeps getting worse she was sick and sick but one day his mother told him go to his father he is in mexico ariel viajo alone in the streets until he find his father then they got sad cuz his mom died and both stared to live together but one day some people came to rob to there house his dad did not wanted to give all his money that he have work hard to get it when he said no telovoydar wey then his dad got shoot and ariel run away then ariel was trying to find the people that kill his father when he got to 13 years old he was in gangs and getting jail doing bad stuff and he find a old man that he have saw but he did not really remeber and 3 weeks later he remeber the that man kill his father and now the killer was 50 years old and ariel did not feel bad for him and he grab a knife and stab him until he got tired and he said rember this name ariel family rivera puto!!!! and he got revenge for his family now ariel keeps rolling in the streets of los santos living a crazy life.........

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    Emilio Escobar

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    Application [DENIED] Empty Re: Application [DENIED]

    Post  Emilio Escobar on Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:33 am

    Denied - Please add more effort and learn how to use proper grammar and write a better story. You can re-apply in 1 week or whenever you feel like your ready.

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