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    Melissa Malasquez [Accepted] Empty Melissa Malasquez [Accepted]

    Post  S.O.S on Sun Dec 27, 2009 4:05 pm


    Current character name:
    Melissa Malasquez

    Previous character names and accounts:

    Previous factions or civ gangs:

    Post a screenshot of your stats:
    Melissa Malasquez [Accepted] Sa-mp-10

    Time playing in PR:RP (in days, weeks, or months):
    1 Week

    United Kingdom

    Age(IRL and IC):
    IRL: 19, IC: 19

    What level are you in game:

    How often do you play in the server:

    Do you agree to be PK'ed if you leave the gang? according to the rules:
    Yes, I agree

    Do you know how to install mods for san andreas? If so, you must have the gang skin pack.
    Already installed Surenos Skin Pack


    Characters street name:

    Which neighbourhood is your character from (World-Wide) ?:
    El Corona in Los Santos

    Where was your character born?:
    In méxico City

    What parents does your character have, and where were they born? (City and country):
    They got been shot and they born in México

    What surenos are for you?:
    Family, Friends, Respect.

    Character story: ( Must be atleast 2 paragraph, and 200 words)©️
    In 1990 was Melissa was born in hospital. She growed up with Dwayne as normal child.
    One day she goes with her uncle to city, she was happy there and she likes that place.
    Later when she came back to home, she saw everything had steal, mam and dad dead.
    She asked Dwayne what happened.

    In 1998 Dwayne went to school, but Melissa went to other school.
    She was more intelligent then Dwayne at English.
    She was learned faster then Dwayne.

    In 2004 Dwayne went to San Fierro, but Melissa don't wants to be there, then she keep live in México with her Uncle.
    But one day when her uncle goes work and later didn't came back to home.

    In her mind: Donde estas ma uncle..?

    Later she went outside her house and she saw dead uncle.
    She: Noooo!

    In 2009 she went to Los Santos to meet her brother.
    She don't even know where is he, if is he alive or something.

    Melissa used English to ask everything about infos.
    Laters when she found her brother.

    She: Hola tu' alive!
    Dwayne: Si' I am.
    She: Uncle muerto.
    Dwayne: Que?!

    Then she explained everything to him.
    And she is happy that she found her brother.
    (The End)
    Dwayne Malasquez
    Dwayne Malasquez

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    Post  Dwayne Malasquez on Sun Dec 27, 2009 4:08 pm

    My sister IRL ^^ GOOD LUCK
    Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz

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    Post  Juan Ruiz on Sun Dec 27, 2009 4:13 pm

    Kinda lol'd at the story but nice application

    Application Accepted, You may RP your way in, if you have any question ask Dwayne or any other sureno.. Make sure you read the Do's and Dont's.. We'll see you in-game, Good luck : )

    Melissa Malasquez [Accepted] Z36819212
    Name: Juan Ruiz
    Rank: Mano Derecha(5)
    Vehicles: Blade / BMX

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