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    Raphael Panuncial [Accepted] Empty Raphael Panuncial [Accepted]

    Post  raphael_panuncial on Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:20 am

    Current character name: Raphael_Panuncial

    Previous character names and accounts: None

    Previous factions or civ gangs: None

    Post a screenshot of your stats: Raphael Panuncial [Accepted] 2ly4qoy

    Time playing in PR:RP (in days, weeks, or months): 1 month now

    Country: Philippines

    Age(IRL and IC): IC: 19 Irl: 14

    What level are you in game: level 2

    How often do you play in the server: often im active tho

    Do you agree to be PK'ed if you leave the gang? according to the rules:
    Sure i agree

    Do you know how to install mods for san andreas? If so, you must have the gang skin pack. Yeah

    Characters street name: "paeng"

    Which neighbourhood is your character from (World-Wide) ?: Los santos lil mexico

    Where was your character born?: Little Mexico

    What parents does your character have, and where were they born? (City and country): All missing.

    What surenos are for you?: Surenos for me is a family, gang , homes where i can put my respect in it.

    Character story: ( Must be atleast 2 paragraph, and 200 words)©️
    Mi' plasa is "Paeng", They call me that name because mi' amigos at lil' mexico used to call mi' that plasa. Mi' padre i remember last time, his name is Rodrigo Panuncial, Mi' madre plasa is, Josephine, Panuncial, they left me at age 15, One time, while i was walking alone on streets on idlewood, i saw a store " 24/7" i go in, pcik up a bat and buy it. i also have a guitar backpack on my sling always, i putted my bat inside. for self protection, the night came, i was walking alone on ganton, i notice 2 negros, with mask on their faces, following me, i quickly sprint, but they chase me, after that they catch me, they punch me, on mi' face makes me dizzy, i was about to taje my bat out but i was late, one time, i opened my eyes slowly i saw a gun aiming at my face, i closed my eyes, because its the time i am to die... *Gun shot sound* I thought i was dead, but when i opened my eyes, i saw mexicans, with blue bandana on their heads, they offer a hand, i grab it to stand up, i saw the 2 negros are lying on the floor, i thanked them for saving my life, after that they bring me to their so called Barrio and im thingking of joining them.One day mi familia was walking in the park and was about to head to home, but mi papi forgot his cigarettes so he went to a store and bought some, then while mi papi walked out of the door he saw the red rags aiming their cuetes at mi madre and then they pulled the trigger, as same they did to mi papi. I was just sittin' in the back seat crying i couldnt do nothin' i was so young then.

    Mi madre has always been tellin' me to be ready to take care of mi self, she was tellin' me that she might get killed one of these days, that came true. Now since im older i want pay back, I want to kill those red rag's familia, anyone with them i want dead.

    Mi madre always kept her blue rag in the closet, i took it out and tied the rag around my head and i've been flagin' blue ever since then, now i have mi madres power on me and in me. I will always remember her with her blue rag.
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    Post  Juan Ruiz on Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:20 pm

    raphael_panuncial wrote:Current character name: Raphael_Panuncial
    Panuncial... Isnt that philippines name?
    Josue Ruiz
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    Post  Josue Ruiz on Sun Dec 13, 2009 11:28 am

    Your application is accepted due to good story and slang and such..
    But I would like you to be on the server, because i`ve never seen you on.

    Josue Ruiz
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