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    Pablo Corandez [DENIED]

    Pablo Corandez

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    Pablo Corandez [DENIED] Empty Pablo Corandez [DENIED]

    Post  Pablo Corandez on Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:34 pm


    Current character name:
    Pablo Corandez

    Previous character names and accounts:
    Mathew Carter

    Previous factions or civ gangs:

    Post a screenshot of your stats:
    Pablo Corandez [DENIED] Samp058 (My internet sucks, for me is not showing this Picture, link:

    Time playing in PR:RP (in days, weeks, or months):

    Great Britain

    Age(IRL and IC):
    IRL = 21, IC = 18

    What level are you in game:
    Pablo - 1 lvl, Mathew - 9 lvl

    How often do you play in the server:
    Every Day

    Do you know how to install mods for san andreas? If so, you must have the gang skin pack.
    Yes, I know how, and I have already installed Surenos Mod.


    Characters street name:

    Which neighbourhood is your character from (World-Wide) ?:
    El' Corona

    Where was your character born?:
    In México

    What parents does your character have, and where were they born? (City and country):
    In México, City Tiujana

    What surenos are for you?:
    They are for me: Respect and Family

    Character story: ( Must be atleast 2 paragraph, and 200 words)©️
    In the Year 1990 Pablo was born.
    Pablo was born in México at Hospital, Pablo growed up, live, had friends as normal child.

    Year 1998
    One day in year 1998 he asked his dad:
    Pablo: A donde vas?
    Dad: To work.
    Pablo: Bueno trabajo!
    Dad: Sí, Gracias.
    And Pablo's dad leave. After 5hours Pablo's mother said: Pablo, Tu' dad muere. And Pablo: Nooo! Por qué? Cómo? And Pablo's mother explained how he die.
    Pablo: Él been shot?
    She: Sí.

    Year 2001
    Pablo growed up very much. But one day his mother left to shop to buy something.
    After 10hours she didn't came back and Pablo starts find his mother.
    After 6hours he found his mother lays in ground and die.
    Pablo Shouts: Noooooooo por qué I tener vida de mala suerte!

    Year 2009
    He growed up very much again.
    Pablo went to Los Santos because he throught someone want kill our Family
    Pablo: Mother Muere, Dad muere, only mi' left.
    He throught he will live here for no dies.
    He found some friends, money and gun. So now he learned to defense himself.
    Pablo: Now, I can defense myself!

    The End
    Dwayne Malasquez
    Dwayne Malasquez

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    Pablo Corandez [DENIED] Empty Great

    Post  Dwayne Malasquez on Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:39 pm

    Great! Good Luck, I hope you will be good Sureno and get accepted, You helped me too much. (Remember yesterday Very Happy? )

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    Pablo Corandez [DENIED] Empty Re: Pablo Corandez

    Post  Jose_Magreti on Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:42 pm

    Lol , next nice story

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    Pablo Corandez [DENIED] Empty Re: Pablo Corandez [DENIED]

    Post  Mopar_Corrado on Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:35 pm

    I know this guy, I played with him some time I think its good pple I would like to get it like parner.

    I hope you luck man. Wink
    Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz

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    Pablo Corandez [DENIED] Empty Re: Pablo Corandez [DENIED]

    Post  Juan Ruiz on Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:11 pm

    You need a good story with atleast 200 words.
    Story isnt good and bad grammar.

    Denied You can re-apply in 1 week

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