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    Emilio Rivera Surenos Application - [ACCEPTED]

    Emilio Rivera
    Emilio Rivera

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    Emilio Rivera Surenos Application - [ACCEPTED] Empty Emilio Rivera Surenos Application - [ACCEPTED]

    Post  Emilio Rivera on Fri Nov 27, 2009 5:05 am

    Current character name:
    Emilio Rivera
    Previous character names and accounts:
    Previous factions or civ gangs:
    Age(IRL and IC):
    15 years old
    What level are you in game:
    I am level 2
    How often do you play in the server:
    Every day
    Do you know how to install mods for san andreas? If so, you must have the gang skin pack. yes and i have the mod pack

    Yeah i do i make skins i also participated on one of the Locotes mod packs you are using. i use txd workshop,GGmm,3ds max,img tool
    ((this is a mod i made back in another server))
    Emilio Rivera Surenos Application - [ACCEPTED] K0m2co 5RIG5Y40

    Time playing in PR:RP (in days, weeks, or months): 1 week

    country: United States

    Characters street name:Criminal

    Which San Andreas neighbourhood is your character from?:El Corona,los Santos

    Where was your character born?:Guadalajara Mexico

    What living parents does your character have, and where were they born? (City and country):
    They both got killed during a shootout,they were born in mexico
    What surenos are for you?:
    Everything they are my homies for life i will never let one of the eses get jumped i jump in even if its the juranos,homies por vida,never disrespect the flag color. First and foremost holmes, Surenos would be like a family y'know, but besides that, a group of people I can respect and look up to.
    Family, friends, banda, a place to call home and most of all respect.

    Character story: in the morning of 4th March '87, a male mexican with the name of "emilio" was born inside a little farm from Acapulco, Mexico. His parents were trigger happy to finally have a son, within five years they tried and tried, but they couldn't make it, but now their dream is now accomplished. Unfortunately, the appearance of a baby would of give to both parents, Miguel and Graciela, a tough life with many difficulties which they had to endure.

    One day, while emilio is playing football with his friends, and when his parents were at work, a group of three men comes to the little farm where the rivera family was living.
    1# Man: 'ey, look at this shi', the riveras are livin' here homies.
    2# Man: Pinche ass levas, they will pay for what they did to my uncle.
    1# Man: You sure they ain't home ?
    3# Man: We wouldn't of came here if they were, idiot.
    1# Man: Calm the fuck down, jus' wanted to be sure, y'know.
    2# Man: Stop talkin' bullshit, we ain't here to argue, we're here to fuck up this place.
    emilios father, Miguel, and the man's uncle were working at the same place, until he accidently dies at work, in the frightened eyes of Miguel. Even tho emilios's father could of helped him and avoid the death, he was too shocked to help the man's uncle. Since then, one of his nephews seeks revenge, and somehow pay for the death of his uncle.
    3# Man: Let's do this shit faster, they might come soon, so better do it quickly.
    2# Man: We gonna burn this motherfuckin' crap, then they will live on the fuckin' streets, haha.
    One of the men runs quickly to a nearby store, and buys a small package of matches. When he arrives back to the two men, the "nephew" grabs the package from the man, opens it up, taking out a match. He lightens up the match and throws it inside a barrel which is full of gasolene. The group of men leaves the place running as soon as the fire starts expanding to the farm, burning everything inside it. Later that night, the farm was burnt entirely but at least the fire has stopped. Osvaldo arrives home, and as soon as he sees the burnt farm, he falls into his knees, starting to cry...

    After several years of living in the streets, emilio meets new friends that are guiding him to become a chicano gangster. One day, these friends of his, presented him a person... a person around 50 years old, that was a gang member of a sureno set in Los Santos for about 30 years. The old man seemed to be wise and pretty intelligent, he always knew how to handle things, even in the worst occasions he still had an idea on how to solve them. emilio was very honoured to meet him, and was interested in learning more about the sureño culture, cause even though his friends teached him the basic knowledge, he always looked to learn more and more.

    A month passes, emilio reaches the age of 18, so as every family in this world, the rivera family decides to make emilio a big party in a small restaurant. Everything was perfect and settled, all of the invited people came, and were waiting for emilio to come with the lights off, to make him a big surprise as he didn't knew about this party. On his way to the restaurant, the same group of three men approaches Osvaldo. The men didn't know anything about him, and never saw him before, but emilio did knew them, and that they burnt down his old home. After the men passes him, he takes out an Desert Eagle .50 from his beltstrap which he always had at him for self secure, and started shooting towards the three men. One of them got shot right in his right knee, and felt down, while the other two managed to run away. Outrageous, o emilio walks right to the shot guy, and notices that it's the exact person that burnt down the farm, years ago.
    emilio: How does it feel puto ?! Pinche leva, you think you can mess with mi familia homeboy ? You fucked up my old casa, now it's you who will get fucked motherfucker.
    The man doesn't have time to say anything, cause at soon as emilio finishes his speak, he shoots him right into his torso three times in a row. Osvaldo tucks his gun, and decides to examine the dead body to see if he was a gang member. He takes off the man's shirt, and notices all kind of norteño affiliated tattoos over the body. One of these tattoos were saying "Redberry por vida", and as emilio notices it he stays frozen for a few minutes, trying to remember what the old sureño gangster has told to him.
    emilio: Fuckin' bitch... now I get it ! You're a fuckin' norputo that came from San Andreas, an' probably stopped gang banging. I will fuckin' kill all of you motherfuckers...
    After his speak, he grabs the dead body by the legs, and starts dragging him to a nearby trash can, and throws him inside. Takes out his Desert Eagle 50. and rubs it using the dead man's hand, and let's it there, to stage a suicide.
    Later that night, he arrives at the restaurant, and sees the big surprised that he didn't expected, and had one of the best parties of his life, ever.

    Years have passed, and it is time for emilio to meet the real life of a sureño gangster, and become one of the most appreciated chicano gangsters in Los Santos. emilio has gained enough money to afford a ticket to Los Santos, so after finishing his luggages, he rides on his bicycle to the nearest airport. Catches the plane that he was waiting for the past 2 weeks, and it's on his way to Los Santos...... ((im applying because emilio and ale said i fitted in good)) you could ask emilio escobar that i was the only one who dint pussy out on yesterdays brawl he was there he saw it
    Emilio Rivera Surenos Application - [ACCEPTED] 34iiywx
    Bump: Sorry confusion forgot something
    Emilio Rivera Surenos Application - [ACCEPTED] N1cnqg
    Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz

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    Emilio Rivera Surenos Application - [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: Emilio Rivera Surenos Application - [ACCEPTED]

    Post  Juan Ruiz on Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:13 pm

    Forget what i said.. Im sorry.. Very good effort, Accepted
    You can RP your way in Smile

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